Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello Small One (Part 2)

Hello small one
I don't even know your name
You are due to come meet us soon

We love you
And have been getting ready
And have been praying for your future

I felt you
When you moved inside
When we listened to glory music

I felt deeply
When I prayed to God
That He's fashioning you intricately

He cares
About the details
And is putting them all in place

May you know
The God who answers prayer
If there's anything you know, may you know Him

letter to my blog

Hello poor, neglected blog,

I should have known when I started you that our friendship would be distant and conversations infrequent. Perhaps in my former life, when I was a maiden, I would have written more frequently. But this year I am a real live married lady, and I have a real live person, my wonderful husband, who lives in the very same house as me! Any time I have anything to say, I just say it to him, and then, well. That's it. It has been said, and I don't feel the need to inform you. I'm sorry, that sounded insensitive. I hope you'll understand.

Besides, can you blame me? I have been getting ready to have a BABY. And do you know what all is involved in that? Well, the bulk of it has all been finished now. We have a glorious supply of baby gear, and we've decided to stay in our little apartment for another 6 months, so I'm settling in and reorganizing so that baby (or, all his gear, rather) will fit. It was a close one! There was a possibility of moving into a bigger place all the way up to about a week ago, which had me feeling slightly stressed, it being 3 weeks til my due date and all. Very happy that we're staying in this little apartment for another few months.

This little apartment. I love it. Mine and JM's first home together... the first home I've ever been the "maker" of. It's very cozy. I will be sad to leave it when the time comes.

And the baby... well, he still doesn't have a name. I guess he probably does have a name... JM and I just don't know it yet. :) He'll be here very soon. Hard to believe. And then our whole world will turn topsy turvy as we figure out the whole parent thing. Can't wait!

I hope to write again soon, blog. Until then...