Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update on the Move

Here we are. Redding, California. Which, by the way, has a pretty decent 4th of July fireworks show. Especially when viewed from a back porch on top of a hill overlooking the city. We spent the holiday with some new friends, extended family really, who opened their home to us until we can find a place to live here in town. Such a blessing.

I think my definition of family is being expanded a bit. Nothing will ever replace my parents and siblings as my first and closest family, but I am finding family now in unexpected places. I think this has got to be the grace of God for this season, as JM and Samuel and I are moving farther away from family than we've ever lived before.

Anyway, we arrived here July 1 and frantically began searching for our new home, in hopes that we would be able to move in before the Fridenparents went back home to Phoenix. We had hoped to avoid putting our things in storage, just to move it all out again a few weeks later. So we looked and looked, but nothing came up. We were frazzled and pressured and exhausted from the drive and the unsettled lifestyle of the last week. Moving across the country is no walk in the park!

Then we realized that everything would be closed July 4. At first we were irritated, because that meant that we were losing a day and would pretty much have to put our things in storage because the moving truck was due back. But the holiday ended up being a blessing. It forced us to relax a little bit and remember that we were in God's hands and that He has a plan for us. Boy, was that a relief!

So. Our things are in storage, and we're still searching for a home. But we're with family, and in God's hands, and I think this is all going to work out.