Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6 weeks 6 days

My tummy is getting a little harder to pacify as the days go by
But I am waiting for you
I'm reading books and wondering what happens next
I'm getting used to feeling "not quite right" as I go about my day
But I know it won't last forever
It may get worse for a bit, but it won't last forever
And then I'll have you

I read a book by someone who didn't know how special you were
Someone who didn't know you were being knit by the God of the universe
Someone who didn't know you are more blessing than inconvenience
I put that book away

Your daddy knows though
He knows that it will be better to have you than to have had more "time to ourselves"
He knows that there are changes ahead and he is not afraid of them
He knows that God is knitting you inside of me
And that you were given to us in perfect timing
For a perfect purpose
He is helping me remember

So blessings on your mind as it is being formed
Blessings on your body as it is taking shape
Blessings on your soul, know that you are loved
Blessings on your spirit as you're touched by His very hands
May you know Him now and forever