Wednesday, July 13, 2011

in my dreams...

This morning, I took my shower and lay down on the couch to "rest." Nearly three hours later, with crazy lion hair, I awake from this dream:

I was in my father's apartment. (He doesn't have an apartment) I opened his freezer and pulled out a box, like the box of my Annie's Chocolate Bunny Grahams. Inside the box I find several packages. In one is some chocolate puffy cereal squares. In another package there is some toffee, then one filled with cream cheese, and another with ice cream. The instructions were to crush the chocolate squares and the toffee, mix it all together, freeze it, and then enjoy a scrumptious frozen chocolatey ice creamy dessert. As I was crushing the chocolate squares...

JM comes in the room and his entrance wakes me up. In my groggy state of mind I realize the dessert was not real. This is heartbreaking. I go back to sleep and dream...

I am going into Taco Bueno with my family. A friend has given me a homemade burrito to eat. It's a bean and cheese burrito. The flavors are magical. I had never had beans so beany or cheese so cheesy. I could have gone on eating that burrito forever. But it was not to be...

My husband walks through the room again. My burrito vanishes. I am laying on the couch, thirsty, hungry, and with crazy lion hair that came from not drying it after my shower.

Ah, cruel reality...


  1. this is so hilarious. I actually laughed out loud. Ham, there's a Bueno in Belton. Tell the man to take you there. :)

  2. Every once a year or so I make Jess laugh out loud. :)

    If we're hitting up anywhere, it's somewhere with ICE CREAM.

  3. Yay! You're writing again!
    If not eating frozen imaginary confections, at least we are sharing the delightul imagery!

    All I can say is, that BABY must be growing so fast that she's making you HONGRY!

  4. oh my gosh so VIVID! hahahhahaahhahaha :)

  5. i have never had beans so beany or cheese so cheesy...