Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello Small One

Hello Small One,

Today I feel you, not just bumping my sides, but doing whole flips and somersaults and who knows what else. Did I give you too much caffeine this morning? Are you letting me know you're there? Saying Hi? Or are you just working out, getting ready for your big day in the sun?

Your daddy wants to hold you. He can't wait til you're in his arms. Right now he can't feel you like I can, though he loves it when you kick his hand, and when he feels your head (or your bum?) pressing against the side of my tummy.

You and I . . . here we are, together. Inseparable for the moment. Strange. I have never been so close to a person. And yet I don't even know you. Don't even know your name. And you are part of me.

You are loved. Be safe, somersault, and sleep well in the hands of God, in the depths of me.


  1. What's even more amazing is the feeling you have when you finally do meet the little one, and he still feels like such a stranger yet you love him soooooo much before getting to know him