Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Boy?

When people would ask "Do you have any feelings about whether it will be a boy or girl?" I would generally try to answer something like "My feelings are pretty much staying in the middle." or "We'll be happy however it turns out!"

But now the truth comes out. I was imagining a girl
most of the time.

I mean, can you blame me? I am a girl. I think girls are fantastic. I know about girls, and I have definite opinions on how to raise girls. My sister has tw
o little girls. Girls are pretty and fun and have pretty hair and you can dress them in pretty things and make their rooms pretty. What's not to look forward to?

So when the ultrasound showed a boy in my tummy, I must admit, it threw me for a loop. A boy? What do you do
with a boy? How do you raise a boy? What do boys like, and what will this one turn out like? A boy seems like so much more responsibility; I mean, now you're raising a leader, a protector, someone who will someday have great responsibility, whether it's over his family, or over a much bigger sphere. He will deal with temptations I am unfamiliar with. He will have needs and preferences that I am unfamiliar with. He will think differently from me. And then some day, the little booger will go off and marry some woman and leave me in the dust! ; )

But I think it's sinking in. We get to parent a little boy. We get to raise him, love him, take him fishing and buy him boyish things like cars and guns and balls. And we'll lean on the Lord, just as we would with a girl, and watch him grow into a godly man, and when the time comes, not just let him go, but hopefully shoot him out into the world as "an arrow from a fully bent bow."

Plus, I just went back and looked at some of JM's baby/kid pictures. And who can resist the thought of having one of THESE little guys???


  1. hahahaha yes yes yes! it especially helps when you put a cute little face to the imagination of this new "boy"

    oh happy day! i have no idea what advice to give, huh? hahahaha :o)

    i love this life.

    great blog han.

  2. ham. boys are AWESOME. and easier. Don't tell Brynn I said that.

    it's gonna be super fun :)